Islam & Contemporary Issues

Article Title
Publication Date

In the Name of God: A Letter to Muslims, Jews and Christians
2015Uppsala Theology Festival Website

Islam and Human Rights in Pakistan
2002Canadian Foreign Policy

Islamic Society and Civil Society
2001Pakistan Perspective
Dishonor Killings: Horrific Crimes Against Women2001Global Uprising: Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century
A Muslim's Reflections on a New Global Ethics and Cultural Diversity1997The Power of Culture
Backlash at Beijing1996Voices of Women Moving Forward with Dignity and Wholeness

The Present and Future Relationship Between Western Consumerist Television and World Spiritual and Cultural Values: A Muslim View
1994Religion, Television and Information Superhighway
The Burgeoning of Islamic Fundamentalism: Towards an Understanding of the Phenomenon1990The Fundamentalist Phenomenon: A View from Within; A Response from Without
Peace and War: The Islamic Perspective1982Peace and the Sciences
The Idea of Peace in the Hierarchy of Islamic Values1980Peace and the Sciences