Publication Date
Recovery of Iqbal's Lost Legacy2011Express Tribune
The Reclaiming of Iqbal's "Dream"2011Express Tribune
Iqbal's Message to Us2010Express Tribune
Our Leaders and Iqbal’s Pakistan2009The Nation
Remembering Iqbal’s Legacy2009The News
Allama Iqbal’s Vision of Pakistan and its Relevance Today2008Business Recorder
Understanding Iqbal’s "dream" of Pakistan2008The Nation

Islam and Human Rights in Pakistan
2002Canadian Foreign Policy

Islamic Society and Civil Society
2001Pakistan Perspective
Dishonor Killings: Horrific Crimes Against Women2001Global Uprising: Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century
The Concept of Pakistan and Iqbal’s Philosophy1983 Iqbal Congress Papers
Significance of the Creation of Pakistan1972The Pakistan Review
Iqbal’s Universalism and the Concept of Pakistan1970Contemporary Affairs

Reflections in the Mirror
1969The Pakistan Review
The Passing Away of a Legend: Hakim Ahmad Shuja'1969 The Pakistan Times

Islamic State and Its Responsibilities, The Unity of Spiritual and Temporal
1968 The Pakistan Times
Iqbal and Politics1968 The Pakistan Times